We solve information challenges using social data and we provide insights regarding customers, market trends and competition. Then we create targeted strategies to help you succeed.


We are COGI, your partner throughout the digital transformation process.


Actionable data insights supporting your operational and marketing goals.

Effective social analytics always serves customers and improves business through the evaluation of a series of complex metrics.

We evaluate a variety of key metrics, such as the Net Promoter Score, service level agreement compliance, customer satisfaction scores and call deflection as well as proprietary metrics, to deliver actionable data that supports your operational and marketing goals.


Advanced algorithms to understand key customer characteristics to improve your resource allocation.

Smartphones are an essential access point, and almost 67 percent of the entire global adult population owns at least one device.


The number of devices is expected to increase as innovations in edge computing drive change in the mobile market.

Understanding the needs and desires of the mobile market is essential to the development of any business plan, marketing strategy or informational campaign.


We use advanced algorithms to deliver the key characteristics of your customers, allowing for improved segmentation and resource allocation.


Experts abetting to capitalize on latest technological innovation.

The unyielding drive of technological innovations, such as the "internet of things" (IoT), is creating incredible opportunities. 


However, many business lack the ability to capitalize on these new prospects due to limited resources or access to powerful software solutions. The cloud market is expected to expand to the tune of over $410 billion, offering unprecedented data analysis tools and insights to organizations of any size.


Since cloud solutions are scalable, our clients can enjoy continued support and unrivaled expert assistance at every stage of business growth.


Utilize broad range of metrics to analyze the best way to interact and keep your customers.

CX, or customers' perceptions of how an organization treats them, is revolutionizing how organizations attract and interact with those that they serve.


CX is quickly outstripping other forms of brand differentiation, such as quality and price, in the marketplace.​​​ A recent study indicated that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a product or service if they are provided with a high-quality, targeted CX. COGI's analysis of your business' CX utilizes a broad range of metrics, such as sentiment and intensity, to reveal the best way to interact with your customers.


Capitalize on our deep industry knowledge to realize your IoT strategy and implementation goals.

Is your business ready to harness the power of IoT? Research powerhouse Gartner estimates that there will be about 20.4 billion connected devices by 2020.


The massive data sets generated by the IoT require the use of the right kinds of algorithms and deep technical insights to deliver value.


We protect your data just like it's ours.

By 2021, cyberattacks are expected to cost businesses more than $6 trillion globally. As more businesses harness the power of big data and implement technology-driven solutions, securing both  organizational resources and customer information has taken a central role in corporate development.


We strongly believe in providing your business with the finest in cybersecurity offerings that not only keep your most sensitive data and proprietary information from prying eyes but also serve to bolster your corporate reputation.

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